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Concrete examples of good practices to increase the profitability of a company

A recurring problem for any company is the acquisition of new customers and their retention. From this point of view, differentiating yourself from the competition is essential.

To do this, the ideal is to identify products or services with high added value that correspond to a customer need and that you can offer. These will show your prospects and customers why they should choose you over another company.

More than that, your added value should be reflected throughout your collaboration with your customers. In several good practices, from the most subtle to the most obvious, that will optimise your customer relations, your efficiency and your profitability.

Today, we offer you a concrete and specific example to better visualise your company's possible areas of improvement: how can you make the difference to improve your profitability in the case of a boiler, heating or air conditioning maintenance company?

Before the intervention with the client... a clear appointment

Make sure you make qualified appointments with your clients. Keep smiling and clearly explain the reasons for your intervention to make sure it is understood.

Also, make sure you have someone available for the appointment. It will be difficult to regain the trust of your clients and prospects if you do not show up on time. They will see it as a sign of neglect, even disrespect.

During the intervention with the client... a respectful intervener

The worker must present himself well and arrive on time, with a clean car. He knows the customer's name without having to ask again. This will immediately create a climate of trust. The customer will feel considered and will have a good opinion of your brand.

Before starting work, the speaker questions and listens to what the customer has to say. This builds trust in your brand (because at that moment your speaker or speaker team represents your entire company to the customer). You give the customer confidence that you are a serious company and at the same time you get additional information that the customer may not have considered important to mention on their own.

After the intervention... information on the follow-up

Once the intervention is over, the worker explains what he has just done and informs the customer if there is a next step to be planned. In this way, he shows once again his professionalism, his seriousness, and therefore that of the company as a whole at the same time. It is also an excellent way of further strengthening the customer's confidence.

The installer then hands over a complete intervention sheet, which he signs. This concludes the intervention. He thanks the customer and wishes him a good day. The human aspect is important and can make a big difference from one end of the intervention to the other. The customer will remember this as an excellent experience.

A boiler maintenance company that adopts these good practices is bound to leave a good impression on its customers. It can be a small thing, but it can make a huge difference to a company's business and turnover.

Our example concerns a specific sector of activity, but the idea of showing your added value throughout your collaboration with a client is a major key to the success of your company, whatever its field.


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